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This site is written and edited by experts on the healthcare situation of refugees. The authors of this website are long-time contributors to local MediNetze, Medizinischer Flüchtlingshilfen and Medibüros. These networks have been working for many years in 33 locations in Germany to provide healthcare to refugees and migrants who do not have sufficient healthcare cover. Alongside contributions by the editors, this website has been written by people from 13 different cities (Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Freiburg, Göttingen, Giessen, Hannover, Jena, Kiel, Leipzig, Magdeburg and Marburg). The multidisciplinary team that produces it works full-time in fields such as human medicine, psychology, health science and law.


Representing the participating Medibüros/Medinetze

Medizinische Flüchtlingshilfe Göttingen e. V.
c/o Migrationszentrum Göttingen
Weender Straße 42
37073 Göttingen
E-Mail: info@gesundheit-gefluechtete.info

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Editorial responsibility: Dr Vera Bergmeyer, Dipl.-Psych. Elène Misbach,
Dr Rainer Neef, Mirjam Schülle M.Sc. (Public Health)

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